Friday, June 5, 2009

KUKL - The Eye

Say, you like vaguely folkish avant-rock parading under the guise of anarcho, right? Of course you do. And who doesn't? Aside from me a few years ago who expected this to be a ripsnortin' punk RAWK album, but hey, that guy was a dick anyway.

Y'see, KUKL (or sometimes turned inexplicable acronym: K.U.K.L) is a rare breed of band that more often than not gets referred to as an "anarcho punk" band despite have little to no stylistic connection to punk rock. Instead, we get a highly unusual grab-bag of ethereal keyboard swashes, shambling "gothic" guitars, horns, whistles, flutes, the kitchen sink, and Björk wailing alongside some -

Oops. By the way, KUKL is singer Björk's second real band after Tappi Tíkarrass and before Sugarcubes and the solo stuff. I forgot to mention that earlier.

- guy named Einar Örn Benediktsson who's vocals resemble severe asthma. Together, they form a happy family and record two fantastic albums - the first of which, is right here for you to enjoy:
Lastly, don't pick this up expecting anything like the Sugarcubes' alterna-rock or Björk's dancey left-field pop - this is an entirely different beast that'll sit snuggly between your old "anarcho punk" albums by Chumbawamba and Dog Faced Hermans.

Lastlylastly: you can pick this up on amazon surprisingly cheap. Hint hint.


  1. A great record. Glad to see it getting noticed.

    Here's one for you

  2. Ha ha, this band is rad. I can't believe I've never even heard of them before. Thanks for the comment, btw!