Saturday, June 27, 2009


So for the last week, I've been lurking on 4chan's /mu/ board and

(page views dip into negative integers)

(prospective followers hack huge wads onto their monitors and go outside)


So anyway, for the past week I've been lurking on 4chan's /mu/ (the music board) almost constantly as a sort of social experiment (despite having little to no way of gauging the social aspects of the so-called "experiment" and

Y'know what: let's start over, 'cause I'm not feeling all too intellectual today and have one simple observation to share.

If /mu/ is a relatively accurate core sample of the current base of music-enthusiasts on planet Earth, I have a nervous feeling everyone has "wised up" too much for anyone to be able to state their appreciation for decidedly more "left field" music without being deemed an ironic, posed-eclectic, hipster douchebag whose only interest in their respective branches is the heightened sense of status. Come on, now! I'm as cynical as the next guy, but this is AMERICA YOU AND ME AIN'T THIS AMERICA SOMETHING TO SEE BABY AIN'T THIS AMERICA HOME OF THE FREE AND THEN SOMETHING SOMETHING EFFEMINATE HOUSES

I sensed an easily debunked incomplete statement encroaching, so I handed the keyboard over to John "Jaguar" Mellencamp. Hope you didn't mind.

If you aren't familiar with Dawson, then where have you been? Above a rock? With close to 100% of the Earth's population? For the uninitiated, Dawson are a criminally unknown Scottish punk-esque band in the vein of their neighbors, the Dog Faced Hermans, Whirling Pig Dervish, De Kift, The Ex, Archbishop Kebab, and a quarter-oodle of other bands who are often pegged mysteriously as "anarcho punk". Dawson existed from [date] all the way to [later date] and released three incredibly good albums with such shit-awful distributing skills that you're more likely to stumble upon a used bin WITHOUT 3 copies of [disappointing topical album]!!

Oh yeah, did you hear that Michael Jackson's dead?

[insert overdone quasi-offensive joke "too soon" to be tasteful]

Dawson played noisy, scratchy, funk/dub/jazz/eclectica-laden punk rawk that was difficult to pigeonhole, especially since they progressed heavily from one album to the next.
1.) Barfmarket: You're Ontae Plums

2.) How To Follow So That Others Will Willingly Lead

3.) Terminal Island

To give credit where credit is due, Mr. Dave Lang of Lexicon Devil introduced me (impersonally) to these guys, Barfmarket was originally uploaded by Nothin' Sez Somethin' and How To Follow was originally uploaded by X-Ray Barbeque. Czech 'em out, as they're mostly superior to my watered-down imitation blog and self-deprecating self-deprecation of self etc. The rest came from my good 'ol pal, soulseek.

As an aside, Velvety Sheath Glistening Sword uploaded Terminal Island as well, if that's any indication of the content surrounding it (hint hint).

ALSO: check out this bullshit. For a bunch of fuckin' millionaires, Metallica sure is protective of their "art".


  1. Thanks for the Dawson. I posted BarfMarket some time ago, but since I don't really P2P or torrent (for personal security reasons) I haven't found much else & i truly dig Dawson. Thanks for leaving a comment & letting me know. Totally appreciated, my good man.

  2. No problem, dude. Sorry I didn't link your blog the first time; I kinda blanked out when I was making the links.

  3. That's cool. You can re-post anything you want & you don't have to link back. I just post stuff so people will have the musick. But thanks just the same. I just wanted to thank you for the other Dawson. Do you know the tracklisting for How to Follow...?

  4. Yep!
    1.) From Bearsden To Baghdad (Via The Erskine Bridge)
    2.) Leaf Sweepers And Sandwich Men
    3.) Surface Tension
    4.) Crick
    5.) Records
    6.) Booger Hall
    7.) George Bush's Family Oil Business
    8.) Bodies Under The Floor
    9.) Pwep Dub
    10.) Barb
    11.) Datsun Panel Beating Co.
    12.) Neil Kinnock Graciously Accepts His £150,000 Pay Rise
    13.) Outro

    ...and the album's full name is "How To Follow So That Others Will Willingly Lead (Oh My Godley And Cream Cheese!)

  5. Hey now -- you got Terminal Island from my blog.

    OK, so maybe I got it from Soulseek, but still...

  6. Actually, I didn't even get it from soulseek - some dude on uploaded it for me on a request.
    I'll add your name to the post though, since I freakin' love your blog

  7. oh -- so is your rip better? mine was 192 kbps with some skips and jumps and whatnot.

    anyway, i wasn't really offended or anything. nice job you're doing over here, too.

    Like, from the very first sentance I read of your goddamn blog.
    Anyway, thanks for the shares, yadayada.

  9. does anyone know about a song by dawson called ststic? maybe it was just a 7" been looking for years