Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cows - Taint Plurbis Taint Unum

If you're one of the 5-10 internet-goers who haven't become completely desensitized to the concepts of 'theft via file sharing', this is an album with no honorable strings attached: the Cows' Taint Plurbis Taint Unum.

If you've already established a fan-status for Minneapolis' Cows' more readily available material, it's unfortunately probable you not only haven't heard this album, but likely weren't even aware of it's existence until recent years. Y'see, way back in '87, the Cows released this debut full-length on Treehouse Records, only to switch over to Amphetamine Reptile in '89. According to Amp Rep's Tom Hazelmeyer, Treehouse's main-man was a bit irked by this transition, and in return, refused to allow Haze to reissue the album. Skip ahead about 20 years, gazillions of old people have croaked, and Treehouse's owner is still distributing the album, but over ebay for ridiculously jacked up prices instead of his own label.

Doesn't that "get your goat" or some other cliche I know not the etymology of? THEN HEY - give it a steal:


Aurally, this is probably the Cows' most noisy and abrasive release, with a fantastically raw, scratchy quality that would later be outsourced for a more bass-heavy, full-bodied production (and even later, a moog-based cornerstone of rave-pop). As uninviting as it may sound at first, give it the benefit of the doubt - it never traverses the valley to Amorphousblobofrhythmicnoiseville or shakes hands with the mayor of Obnoxiousfeedbackdickery City.

I was kidding about the moog thing.

They use casios.

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  1. Love them COWS.
    Nathan Nothin' here from Nothin' Sez Somethin' blog. Good luck in this here blogworld, hope you hang around, it can be great fun.
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