Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shut Up - Hell In A Handbasket

Shut Up is a band I would have enormous difficulty even pretending to exhibit expertise in. After an hour of scouring the crusty bottom of the internet dishpan with a steel wool of learning volition, all I could find on them was that they acted as a precursor to post-rock kings Cul De Sac and tied in with unknowns the Girls and Combustible Edison - and no, not the current Girls, but another, equally-mystery-quilted act whose moniker creates quandaries regarding the everyman's search engine.
Anybutts, Shut Up as far as I'm concerned, were a collective of musicians that strung together many aural components in a phenomenon dubbed "music" in this day and age. They sit somewhere in the eyebrow-raising murk of later, synth-squiggle-saavy Pere Ubu, prime-era Public Image Ltd, a punked-out electro-fuzz with homage to Neu!, and mebbe even with the electro-sludge of Dylan Pickle And The Chaperones debut EP*.
Considering I just nabbed this dittie at the semi-local Rhino Records shop (that no longer has any connection to the namesake label), I can't say I've given it a thorough grind yet, but from the few exacted revolutions I can tell y'all, it's purty good. Nothing enormously original or groundbreaking, but undeniably solid, listenable, and fun.
To clarify, this isn't my link. My laptop's fried, so I'm just borrowing from other blogs until I can rectify the smushed LCD situation.

*...which doesn't exist. I wasn't feeling qualified to draw further comparisons, so I lied.

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