Sunday, February 14, 2010

King Missile - Fluting On The Hump

Y'know, it's a funny thing about the marijuana plant - it turns college kids into drop-outs, drop-outs into King Missile, and The Beatles into The Better Beatles.

Also, in unwittingly oversized doses it has a tendency to make every minor injury a mindscorching descent into agony, a constant struggle to keep one's tongue from retracting into one's esophagus, and breathing terrifyingly arrhythmic to the the erratically shifting sands of time. On the flipside, in doses proportionate to the host's tolerance, it's a boring, easily replicable sense of detachment and hunger that costs way too much.

In conclusion, I am literally the D.A.R.E lion.

But anyway, a few months back, I covered King Missile's first long playing record-vinyl-wax-disc-audio document and heaped on the praise for not only They, but their debut extended playing record-vinyl-wax-disc-audio document Fluting On The Hump. Despite this, I feel like the latter is just too good not to cover in an entry of its own. What we have here is a pretty similar experience to They, what with the poppy, bedroom psych-folk-pop and the bevy of cheesy instruments, but while the LP's humor is silly and momentarily chuckle-worthy, Fluting is generally laugh out loud funny in it's lyrical earnesty and vocal innocuousness. For example, listen to the insane, gruff screams surfacing at the end of "Sensitive Artist", or the dialogue between John and Dogbowl in the bridge of "Muffy", the term "residual wussiness" in "Wuss", and [further evidence to back up the initial claim].
Unfortunately, this isn't my upload, so the link actually brings you to some other dude's upload of the compilation released by Shimmy Disc that features not only Fluting, but the band's post-Dogbowl exercise in mediocrity known as Mystical Shit. So really, you can either skip through the first 16 tracks, or you can take advantage of the opportunity to gauge the enjoyability of their remaining catalog.


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