Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Gerogerigegege - Tokyo Anal Dynamite

Hey, you like abundances of things, right? Just great quantities of items or concepts or aural commodities like in this case, songs? If you nodded viciously at the idea of procuring a profusion of product, well here's a whole sprawling mess of noisy garbage.

Now that wasn't the best hook, but when you're dealing with anything in the vein of Japanoise legends The Gerogerigegege (an apparently onomatopoeic title for puking or shitting or something scatological and whogivesashit) that also doubles as the "Japanese Ultra Shit Band", it'd be pretty dishonest to describe them as anything but "noisy garbage". This release is the followup to the historically (in)significant epic, 1988's Showa - an LP only release composed of two side-long tracks of the sweet, supple sounds of two Asians getting their fuck on bookended with the Japanese national anthem and a portrait of the recently-deceased Emperor on the cover - and is a live performance from '87 cut into 75 tracks of hardcore-punk formatted noise freakouts ("1-2-3-4!).

Despite the quantity, the album clocks in just over 30 minutes, but if the cover art is any indication, you're in for a senseless blitzkrieg of mindnumbingly distorted anti-rock, anti-art, or maybe just a snapshot of a couple dudes freaking out and having a blast while apparently revolutionizing the Japanese underground. I'm not too well-read in noise, but I'm going to have to assume it was primarily this album's 'brutally simple and harsh' aesthete that really made an impact on artists like Masonna, The Incapacitants, and Hijokaidan, but then again, what do I know?
If anyone could reccomend me some literature on the subject, I'd highly appreciate it.
The rest of Gerogerigegege's catalog actually falls in all directions from noise-inflected rock music, to ambient, and tape loops - and from what I've taken in thus far, is par enjoyable. Again, the link isn't mine due to the laptop situation, but check out the Blunt Vision blog in the meantime.

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