Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dawson MEGAPOST Addendum

I have impending blisters on my heels. Or my... lower calves? The area of foot-relative flesh adjacent to my wayward toes. I can't remember whether the term "heel" is in reference to the bottom of the foot or the you know what no one gives a shit I'll start over.

I have new boots! They're 20-eye towers of excess from legendary podiatrist Dr. (Acronym) Marten himself - currently digging their crisp, plastic-y folds into the aforementioned mystery regions of my feet with a tireless abandon only patience and big, horribly infected blisters will tame. With that, I feel obligated to imbibe from the text reservoir to bring to your attention how overtly punk rock this boot transition has been. Y'see, my last pair were purchased at the semi-local Army/Navy shoppe a week prior to beginning my first semester at the community college I haplessly agreed to enlist in after discovering I was too damn poor to afford any of the top-tier art colleges I was accepted to (40K grants notwithstanding). Little over a year and a half later, those 150 USD kicks built to protect America like foot-condoms for our chillun' on foreign soil fucking SPLIT from the soles like I'd spent the past year on a rocky plane of heightened gravity. So then I was like "SO MUCH FOR AMERICA, HUH?", dropped out of school, began working full time and picked up these working man's boots to conquer the remainder of my life with. Oi!

S'anyway, I just realized yesterday what a disservice I did to the few readers I have by not including this delicious little morsel of scratchy, vaguely funky, crispy, post-punk perfection in my Dawson MEGAPOST of a few months prior. "MEGAPOST"?? YEAH, MORE LIKE MEGAFRAUD!!! I don't know, shut up. This EP is great, albeit arguably inessential if you own the holy trinity of Dawson lengthy-players already. What I didn't realize until recently however, is what the missing ingredient from my Scot-Punk equation was - the UK's bIG fLAME. If I'm not just 100 years late to figuring this one out, I urge any fans of the Minutemen, The Ex, or Dog Faced Hermans to give their post-humous compilation Rigour a listen - I'll probably give it a place here in the near future, even.
Romping Egos is a not-so-hefty 6+ minutes, so it may confuse you that it required such a surplus of text to introduce it, but on the other hand, most of you just skipped directly to the link. YER SCROLLING FINGER ACHE, HUH? FUCK YOU! Listen to that insane guitar tone, though. Sounds like it would lacerate your fingertips and give you tetanus, no?


  1. Thanks for the Romping Egos...Dawson's, that is, not yours. You know I want all things Dawson. & thanks for the reminder about bIG FLAME. I'd forgotten all about them. Dl'ed the Rigour cd comp. Grand. I'm always looking for more Dawson, Badgewearer, Dog-Faced Hermans, Stretchheads, Whirling Pig Dervish, DeSalvo, etc.-type bands.
    Now if you could come up with Meatmouth-Meatmouth is Murder (bIG FLAME guitarist Keefe's other band) that would be awesome indeed. Thanks again & Happy New Year.

  2. Odd that you should mention that, as I just today found a bit of guidance on the Stretchheads myspace page:

    "1987-1991, Erskine based band of merry pranksters who unfortunately got pidgeon holed with emerging UK death metal while trying to take Big Flame and Bogshed to their natural and blistering conclusion. Along the way played with The Shamen, Happy Mondays, Wonder Stuff, The Keatons, The Dandelion Adventure, The Fflaps, Dawson, Dog Faced Hermans, Archbishop Kebab, Head Of David, Big Stick, Lunachicks, Terminal Cheesecake, Hafler Trio, God, Pram, fIREHOSE, Gaye Bikers On Acid, Unsane, Wir, Band Of Susans, Common Language, Whirling Pig Dervish, Pregnant Neck, Flea, Revenge Of The Carrots and many more."

    A lot of this is unfamiliar to me, so maybe it'll give you a pointer or two, too?
    Either way, thanks, happy new year, and I'm soulseek scraping for that Meatmouth EP as we speak!