Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big Star - Radio City

...and now for something completely different: a 3rd-hand Monty Python reference based on the skit comedy show that I've never enjoyed enough to sit through more than half-dozen episodes. Seriously, why the miss-or-miss-or-miss-or-hit? It felt like they were purposely holding back their best gags to pull in the full-length films. Anyone else feel this way? I mean, I'm no Monty Py -

Anyhow, Big Star's 1974 full length, Radio City is the album we'll be covering this evening-so-late-it's-technically-tommorow-morning. If you're familiar with Pavement (who isn't?), Big Star is what I consider the second largest quantity of reanimated flesh in the Frankestein's monster we know as Pavement's sound. The first (including most of the torso and limb-meat) would be The Fall, and the third could be Swell Maps (the toenails).
This theory isn't nearly as logical as I made it seem. Sorry for wasting your time.

But "anyhow", if you were ever intrigued by the idea of the quintessential 70's power pop record, LOOK NO FURTHER, BECAUSE HERE IT IS AS FAR AS I KNOW.
But don't my platitudes feel comforting?
If you dig slow-mid paced, pretty, organic melodies and high-register dude vocals, this album is completely fantastic. The guitar has that twanged-out, scraggly southern rock sound, and mood never dips below slight-melancholy.
This actually isn't my upload. I just nabbed it off google, so wear protection when you thrust deeply into it's audio canal. With your ears.It intrigues me for some reason.
By the way, does anyone know what movie this is from?


  1. I would like to know too! I wanna say "Higher Learning" but I'm not gonna.

  2. Apparently I was too dumb to research the filename; it's apparently an '05 flick called "Neo Ned" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neo_Ned)


  3. thank you for the bigstar link and yes, apparently it's from neo ned but i think that movie it's based in another short film called skin, which you can watch in youtube and the interesting thing it's that the actors became romantically involved (Wikpedia) after the making of the film (the black woman and the skinhead)... cheers

  4. Like your handle Alan Smithee, but I'm sure you won't take credit for it. :p

    Also, that film Skin was written by late great bloody-minded playwright Sarah Kane who's worth checking out on her own.