Friday, January 15, 2010

Operation Rhino - Musique Improvisee

"Operation Rhino was a raid launched by the 3rd battalion of the75th Ranger Regiment on several targets in and around Kandahar, Afghanistan during the early stages of the Afghanistan War. On the night of October 19th, a group of around 200 Rangers parachuted from four Lockheed MC-130 aircraft onto a desert landing strip south of the city in an operation codenamed Objective Rhino. After securing the landing zone, the Rangers and special operations forces raided a number of locations around Kandahar.

The raid was met with little resistance from the Taliban. Although some documents were captured, the raid did little to change the overall situation on the ground. In November 2001, the United States Marine Corps would establish a base on the landing zone called Camp Rhino.

Although the raid was of little military significance, it had a significant propaganda impact as the American public was hungry for a concrete military victory after the September 11 terrorist attacks, after weeks of aerial bombing were yielding few readily apparent results."

- Wikipedia

Also, they were a crazy-ass improv collective with horns 'a bleating, percussion instruments a rat-tat'ing and fantastic crescendos rising from the murk just when you're about to drown in the complex layers of rhythmic noise. The internet really features no information about these guys, and with the current state of deletion this release celebrates, the best I could get is my own interpretation: it's good. Also: I enjoy it a whole lot. It's free-jazzy and kicks the rump. I don't know, find a copy and e-mail me the details.

Also: this link was from NWW List's blog; I'll upload my own later.

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